About Us

About Us:

    We are a small and locally owned performance shop that started off much like our customers, we are Gear Heads. We started off repairing our cars when something broke and are doing our best to keep them maintained to hopefully last many more years. As time and money permits, we would do little things to make more power and sound better. With families, bills, and inflation, we do what we can to help keep our expenses down.

    As a Gear Head, we are always searching for more power without breaking the bank. We noticed that as we began going deeper into the engine to make more power, finding good and affordable parts required so much time to research and comb through countless ads only to get no response and delay our builds or getting frustrated and spending more money on the parts we need. We created Klein Speed Shop, LLC to help us and other Gear Heads be able to enjoy working on their engines and try and eliminate some of the headaches and keep builds affordable. We only sell parts that we use in our own engines. We are not after creating sales by passing on cheap and inferior products, we only sell parts we know from experience are the best bang for the buck.

    Right now, our focus is mainly on the LS platform engines, but we are starting to get into the LT based engines as well since enough have been produced to help bring the prices down. 

    We do appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and welcome you to continue to check us out in the future and maybe we can help with your future builds.